"I will put My Spirit within you And you will come to life." Ez:37
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Here is a demonstration of an exercise I use in presentations focusing on building spirituality via spiritual autobiography.

Do you have a Plan of Life?

When you have considered your spiritual autobiography and brought your thoughts up to the present time, you may wonder where to go from here.

Fr. Basil Pennington, the Trappist monk who was one of the major proponents of centering prayer urges each one of us to formulate a Plan of Life. Here is a summary of his steps.

The Method

begin with a prayer to the Holy Spirit asking for guidance and insight.


take four sheets of paper.

On the first sheet

list all the things you really want those things that would really make you happy. Write them all down.

On the Second sheet

list all that you would have to do to get what you want.

On the third sheet

ask yourself what in the past few months has kept you from getting what you want, and from doing what you want to do.

On the fourth sheet

formulate a plan for yourself on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Fr. Pennington's Challenge

Fr. Pennington says this is the true challenge He calls it giving up the good to keep the better. He says if we can really give up the good, at least for now, those desires will no longer remain in our lives as unfulfilled wants that sap our joy and our energy. We will be freed to do the better in behalf of the things we really want, and we will know a new joy and empowerment.

Follow up in everyday life

Fr. Pennington suggests we re-examine our Plan of Life each month and make any changes that our prayerful pondering may inspire..

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