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Inquiries from agents and publishers about these manuscripts are most welcome.

My Creative Writing

I am a novelist. I have two complete draft manuscripts of novels on contemporary Catholic life. One is titled First Sunday of Ordinary Time.. The other is simply The Parish

Ordinary Time is a saga of an ordinary Mid-American, middle class Catholic family from the perspective of the matriarch, Cordelia Driscoll who is dying at her home in a hospice program. It is an ordinary family. So it is an unhappy family. As Tolstoy predicts the family has its unique story. Still, its themes of marital failure and loss of faith are familiar to so many Catholics as well of those of other faiths.

Read selections from Ordinary Time

An old child's "hand game" gives the perspective of The Parish.

The children interlace their hands, make a point of their index fingers and chant,"Here is the church, here is the steeple, open it up and see all the people." The novel lets us see all the people of St. Sebatians's with their problems, loves, failures and hopes. Interconnected stores take us from petty rivalries to issues of sexual abuse.

Read a selection from The Parish

Inquiries from agents and publishers about these manuscripts are most welcome.

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