"I will put My Spirit within you And you will come to life." Ez:37
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Overview of my book: Finding God in Everday Life

Imagine, the title of the first book began with, Finding Love the second with, Finding God - but when I think about it, they really are the same thing, brought to a beautiful conclusion. My audiences often asked if I had a book, which is how I began to write Finding God in Everyday Life. These short pieces cover a broad expanse from scripture, to cats and broken cars from cluttered desks to reluctant saints. They are reflections on my everyday life that encourage you to reflect on yours, to experience the small epiphanies of the ordinary. Teresa of Avila used to tell her sisters that she could only teach what she herself had experienced. I have tried to do the same..

Teresa of Avila told her Sisters she never wrote about things she had not experienced herself. She always said, I cant teach you something I dont know. So it is for me. I only write about what I have experienced for myself. My book is not so much to teach you what I have discovered, but to show you how to discover it for yourself, in your own stories .Finding God in Everyday Life is a sharing of my search for God in the little things of everyday life. What is everyday life? Its the TV we watch and the books we read its the checkbook that wont balance and the car that wont start. Its getting up in the morning and going to bed at night and all the things that lie between. To find God in everyday life sounds as though we are doing something for God. When the fact is, we are doing something wonderful for ourselves. The daily search for God in these small events that make up our life is the path to holiness and transformation.

Read a sample. God's Cat

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Finding God In Everyday Life

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