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Finding Love: The Book

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Story behind the book on finding love - from its Introduction

This book began when Dr. O'Connor was teaching a university course in sex, romance and relationships, and Dr. Silverman was interviewing newly married couples on issues of intimacy. Over casual lunches, we began applying our expertise to the local romantic scene. Graduate students are notorious for pursuing a degree with one mate and finishing it with another. But most interesting to us was the fact that no mater how terrible a past relationship had been, people were ardently seeking a replacement. Finding someone was a top priority, yet it apparently was not an easy task. Both men and women were saying the same thing, what was preventing them from finding each other?

We decided to take on the challenge and put our sociological training to work. . . .

The study began to grow from focus groups to in-depth interviews, to regional comparisons, to intervviews with dating service directors, to historical analyses of popular magazines. Everywhere it was the same - New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, even Smalltown, U.S.A.- Everyone told us they wanted to meet someone special but that they couldn't find anyone.

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