"I will put My Spirit within you And you will come to life." Ez:37

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Guigo's four steps for lection divina


It is good practice to begin with a prayer to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

The four steps of Lectio Divina:

  • Reading , Lectio. Simply read the sacred text, slowly and reverently.
  • Meditation, Meditatio, think about what you’ve read – mull it over. Listen for a word or phrase to take with you through your day.
  • Prayer, Oratio, Respond to God's word by lifting your heart and mind to God.
  • Contemplation, Contemplaltio, Simply rest in God. It has been called a “gaze of faith”.

Practice the four steps

This is a brief passage I use for practice on lectio after I have given my Power Point presentation.

Consider this passage from John 1:35-38.
As John stood there with two of his disciples (Andrew and John , who later became apostles) he saw Jesus walking by and he said: Look, the Lamb of God.Hearing this, the two disciples followed Jesus. Jesus turned around and saw them following and said to them: What do you want?

This exercise is not pure lectio because I coach participants with questions and suggestions. Here are some typical coaching suggestions.

Focus on "What do you want?" Read this passage to yourself very slowly. Think about it….what do you want? On Jesus lips that question must have engaged their hearts. It wasn’t a casual ‘hey man, what do ya want?’ It was a measured inquiry- a life altering question. Imagine the penetrating eyes of Jesus, looking into the depths of their being. Imagine his voice, kind and probing, absorbed with the presence of these two men before him. The question from his lips must have stopped them in their tracks. Had they thought about it before? “What do you want?” Think about it for yourself. Think about Jesus asking this question of you. What do you want ? What do you want? Try to keep your thoughts about this question in your mind throughout the day. Especially try to pray with some of these thoughts in mind.

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