"I will put My Spirit within you And you will come to life." Ez:37
Margaret O'Connor LCG, Lectio Divina

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What is lectio divina?

Lectio divina is Latin for divine reading. It is a way of praying with Scripture that involves a very special kind of listening and responding to the Word of God. It is reading scripture with your heart. St. Benedict (480-550), the founder of Western Monasticism, was the first to make the practice of Lection divina part of monastic life. It can be part of your life.

Why lectio divina?

St. Paul tells us, "The word of God is living and active. It probes the thoughts and motivesof our heart" Heb. 4:12 The Bible is God's story to us, His people. Every bit of scripture is God's word for each one of us, to comfort us in every event of our daily lives. Lectio divina is a method that helps you to access this treasure of God's word and God's love tailored just for you.

How do you do lectio divina?

If you have been moved by reading scripture, you have accomplished lectio divina. Nevertheless it is helpful to have some methods for aiding our prayer life. The steps of Lectio divina were put into writing in the 12th. century by Guigo 11, a Carthusian monk. Learn these four steps of Lectio divina and practice them.

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