"I will put My Spirit within you And you will come to life." Ez:37
Margaret O'Connor Spiritual AtLCG, MORNINGS OF REFLECTION

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Mornings of Reflection

are designed to help us connect more deeply to the Presence of God in our everyday life. Mornings of Reflection generally include Mass (before or after), two presentations, small group sharing, and lunch.

Topics include:


– how to establish a deeper sense of personal intimacy with God through prayer. Just as personalities differ, so do our styles of prayer. Here I talk about centering prayer, imagery in prayer, and active listening, as ways to enrich your prayer life. We close with an exercise of imagery in prayer.

Senior Mornings of Reflection


The goal of these mornings is to help elders get in touch with their deepest selves to strengthen their relationship with God as they age. I draw on my experience as a gerontologist for these Senior mornings. Presentations include ‘Aging as a Vocation’ and ‘Elders as the Prayer-Power of the Church’. along with topics in those of the general Morning of Reflection.

Forgiveness, Grudges and Grief

– This presentation focuses on the need for forgiveness. Lack of forgiveness, the holding of grudges, misunderstandings never resolved – these are the source of much pain. Here we talk about how to rid yourself of this pain, whether you are on the giving or receiving end of it. We look at scripture for guidance. This session ends with an exercise in forgiveness.

Spiritual Autobiography

– the morning only workshop In this workshop the entire focus is on participants personal story with God. It begins with an introductory talk, followed by guided exercises and small group sharing. There is time for reflection after all events. Participants are asked to bring pen and paper. Journaling is encouraged.

I offer full day workshops while I continue to refine and develop the spiritual exercise of writing a spiritual autobiography. Explore with me the practice of Spiritual Autobiography

Lectio Divina

–Reading Scripture With Your Heart This two hour workshop begins with slides of great art depicting major scriptural events. It covers: What exactly is Lectio Divina? Why the current revival of this ancient Practice? How do you do Lectio Divina? This workshop includes the experience of lectio divina in a small group setting.

Currently I am deeply involved in developing the practive of lectio divina. Explore more about lectio divina

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